Free Dreamline WordPress Theme’s Available

Hello!! Nice day and nice news. We have released our first free WordPress theme and its name is Dreamline.
This theme is based on our popular free XHTML template. We already have this template implemented for Dolphin CMS and now it’s time for WordPress.

Why WordPress? – Hm! Our team really loves this Blog CMS, its powerful features and modules etc. We’ve been working with this CMS for many years and would like to share with people and help them to get nice WordPress themes for their blogs. Flashdaweb is powered by WordPress!

Why Dreamline? – this is our first Free XHTML template and the name Dreamline was given to show that we are going to make a line of templates based on the same design – we are going to make dreamline template for Drupal, Joomla, PHPBB and maybe other CMS. Let us know if you got interested and willing to help us to make Dreamline template for other CMS to give it away for free, helping people to get really good designs for their websites, or if you have CMS in mind to advice to be the next one.

Here is the Dreamline wordpress theme page.
It’s better to see this theme in action – Dreamline Demo

Our theme on and you can see and rate it here – Dreamline theme for WordPress

Download this theme for your blog.

Download: dreamline wordpress theme  dreamline wordpress theme (59.3 KiB, 8,647 Downloads)

If you have anything to share or ask please contact us

9 Responses to “Free Dreamline WordPress Theme’s Available”

  1. 1 AlbanuvA

    Great Theme, i will use it in my new blog, thanks for sharing

  2. 2 WebMan

    you are welcome

  3. 3 Vitor Vieira

    I must have to say that this “theme” is so simple an yet so functional, and “dark” clean…
    I’, using it in my newest blog, thank you.

  4. 4 MusBlog

    I really enjoyed the theme. I am using. Congratulations by design. I like the dark themes. I made small changes. Do not stop launching further, please!

    º.º MusBlog

  5. 5 tsopics

    Great Theme, i will use it in my new blog

  6. 6 çeşme oteller

    great article thank you

  7. 7 kurye

    thank you for share

  8. 8 Mike Aagaard

    Would you mind to help with adding a logo, I cannot figure how to do so?(A few tips will be very helpful) thanks so much

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