Hello everyone,

I just want to share some impressions about the topic.

First of all, I’m very pleased that such a technology as AIR has been released to public, it opens a wide scope for new projects and ideas. So, thanks Adobe for Apollo and AIR.

What’s annoying about Beta 1, that’s the message “process terminated without establishing connection to debugger. What a real problem it was for me for the first week I tried Flex Builder 3. I googled for the reason really badly, and found… – nothing. I was looking for a wrong code or wrong settings somewhere inside the project, but it turns out to be just a bug of Flex Builder. Sometimes quiting the IDE didn’t help, but after rebooting everything works fine again with exactly the same code.

Meanwhile, that’s the only bad thing about this development environment. Working on. Hopefully I’ll get something built with AIR soon and ready for everyone to try.